Risk Analysis Work Accidents on The Implementation of Toll Road Project Surabaya-Mojokerto

Feri Harianto and Mintoro. (2014). Risk Analysis Work Accidents on The Implementation of Toll Road Project Surabaya-Mojokerto. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 8(14) Special 2014, Pages: 65-69.

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In Indonesia, work accidents in the construction sector are considered high due to work health and safety negligence. This will affect the project activities. The problems of the implementation of work health and safety in the construction sector are the result from the company’s management’s orientations focusing on production target and cost saving. Workers’ low awareness of work safety and weak implementation of the government regulation on work health and safety also contribute to the problems. This research aims to find an out risk level of work health and safety on the implementation of toll road construction project and its response in an attempt to minimize the negative impacts which might occur. Survey method was employed in this research. Data collection was obtained from the questionnaire distributed to respondents who consisted of managers, head of the sections and site engineers. The risk analysis used was the qualitative technique which indicated the probability and risk level of work accident ranging from low to high level. The research finding indicates that on the land work, the risk was the incident of heavy equipment at the time of operation and on the structure, work was the falling of scaffolding due to its inability to hold or withstand the burden. The work accident risk of the two types of work had an average category.
Meanwhile, the work health and safety risk of the implementation of the project as a whole was acceptable, or it was in accordance with contractors’ ability to take risks.

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