Numerical simulation of fluid flow characteristics at oxygen gas tank with variations compressibility values using openfoam

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, volume 1456 (2020)
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1456/1/012031

Syamsuri, H.S. Maulana, G. Setyono


Oxygen gas tank is one application of the decompression tank, which is filled with oxygen with a certain pressure. Oxygen storage tubes is very vital in the health sector, both at the clinic and at the hospital, because most people who are sick or who will undergo surgery in desperate need of clean oxygen. In this study the decompression tank was analyzed using numerical simulation methods using OpenFOAM software. Three different compressibility values of oxygen gas (6.90e-03, 6.90e-04, and 6.90e-05) varied in this study. This is done to find out the results of the pressure distribution and velocity in the tank. From the results of the study with variations in oxygen gas compressibility values, we can know that each compressibility value has different pressure distribution and velocity characteristics even though with the same time and the smaller the compressibility value, the pressure distribution and velocity produced are wider and faster propagating.

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