Characteristics of Decompression Tank Internally Pressurized With Water Using OpenFOAM


Mechanical Engineering Department, ITATS Surabaya, Indonesia

email: [email protected]

Keywords: Decompression tank, OpenFOAM, Variation of compressibility water.


Decompression tank is a tank in which pressurized with water. In its application decompression tank can be reservoir tank and water storage tanks which are closed. In the simulation the value of compressibility is very important for the case decompression tank. The method used is the numerical simulations using OpenFOAM software to know the results of observation the value of the pressure, density, and velocity magnitude.

Simulations will be performed by varying the value of the water compressibility 4.54e-06 4.54e-07, and 4.54e-08. Before performing simulations on the main case decompression tank then first performed by grid independent test to validate the simulation results from the study by another researcher. From the results of experiments with variation of compressibility of water it can be seen that a good comparisons with numerical simulation and previous studies show the capability of this method. The greater the value compressibility water then the pressure distribution generated more widely and rapidly spreadas well as the velocity distribution. However for the distribution of the speed with greater compressibility of the velocity distribution will become more varied and occurs only in a small area.

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