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Syamsuri, Suheni and Yustia W. M.

Depatrment of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya, Indonesia
Depatrment of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya, Indonesia
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Natural Resources on earth are very abundant one of Natural Resources is Fuel. But the last few years the energy
is a crucial issue in the world. One alternative is biogas energy. Biogas is a viable energy used technically, socially, and economically mainly to solve the energy problems in rural areas. In the present study, aims to identify and analyze the performance of the biogas stove. In this study, will be tested various forms burner i.e. regular shaped burner, Cyclone 1, and Cyclone 2. The results showed that the power of a cyclone burner biogas stove shape is higher than that using a biogas  stove burner usual form. As for the efficiency of biogas stoves shape cyclone burner 2 is higher than the efficiency of  biogas stoves that use a form of ordinary burner. From another aspect, namely the mass of the steam generated by the cyclone burner type 2 is greater than the other burne.

Keywords: performance stove, variation, burner, biogas

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Suheni and Syamsuri
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Adhi Tama Institute of Technology Surabaya, Indonesia
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PitzDaily nozzle was the most substantial component in a gas turbine. This nozzle was used to mix air with
propane. In the application value of turbulence and vortex center was very important for this type of nozzle. Reynolds number was a parameter used to see its effect on the value of turbulence and vortex center. The method applied was a numerical simulation by using OpenFOAM. This simulation was performed to determine the distribution of pressure,streamline, turbulence, and vortex center. The study was conducted by varying Reynolds numbers 12210, 50000, and 100000. Grid independent test was made to validate with the results of previous research. By this simulation results indicated that this method was feasible and the solver was highly accurate. The results showed that the higher the value of Reynolds number, the further away of vortex center rear nozzle. The mark of turbulence and vortex length were also increased. In addition to that the larger the value of this then the mixture of air and propane formed a fine grained, so it
became more perfect combustion.

Keywords: nozzle pitzdaily, openFOAM, variation of reynolds number.

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Syamsuri and Suheni
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Adhi Tama Institute of Technology Surabaya, Indonesia
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The increase in energy demand caused by population growth and resource depletion of oil reserves as well as the
problems of emissions from fossil fuels put pressure on every country, especially Indonesia. Briquettes of corncob were one of the alternatives. In addition replaced the firewood, they also did not potentially damage the ecology of the forest and could replace fossil fuel reserves that were running low. Water boiling test was used to determine the performance of a portable stove with and without fin. Inside the stove there were 3 pots: pot 1 contained egg, pot 2 contained of rice, and pot 3 was vegetables. This study was obtained for the power of furnace for different diameter of briquette 3/4 “, 1” and 1.5” without fins was equal to 0.87 kW, 1.12 kW and 1.57 kW, respectively. Efficiency 17.58%, 19.7%, and 23.15%. While the furnace with diameter briquette 3/4 “, 1” and 1.5” using fins obtained the power 0.98 kW, 1.32 kW and 1.96 KW. Efficiency 14.84%, 20.91% and 25.27%. The fastest cooking time was gained for the finned pan with diameter of briquettes 1.5” over 20 minutes.

Keywords: briquettes, corncob, portable furnaces fins and without fins.

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Characteristics of Decompression Tank Internally Pressurized With Water Using OpenFOAM


Mechanical Engineering Department, ITATS Surabaya, Indonesia

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Keywords: Decompression tank, OpenFOAM, Variation of compressibility water.


Decompression tank is a tank in which pressurized with water. In its application decompression tank can be reservoir tank and water storage tanks which are closed. In the simulation the value of compressibility is very important for the case decompression tank. The method used is the numerical simulations using OpenFOAM software to know the results of observation the value of the pressure, density, and velocity magnitude.

Simulations will be performed by varying the value of the water compressibility 4.54e-06 4.54e-07, and 4.54e-08. Before performing simulations on the main case decompression tank then first performed by grid independent test to validate the simulation results from the study by another researcher. From the results of experiments with variation of compressibility of water it can be seen that a good comparisons with numerical simulation and previous studies show the capability of this method. The greater the value compressibility water then the pressure distribution generated more widely and rapidly spreadas well as the velocity distribution. However for the distribution of the speed with greater compressibility of the velocity distribution will become more varied and occurs only in a small area.

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Flow Characteristics Across a Cavity with Variation of Reynolds Using OpenFOAM

Syamsuri*, Dwi Khusna

*Email:[email protected]

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya, Indonesia
Developments in science and technology had prompted us to conduct various experiments to create a variety of things, which aims to facilitate and provide benefits for humans and beneficial to the continuation of the next study. Fluid flow across alid-driven cavity was one of the important phenomena in the fields of engineering, especially fluid mechanics. Somereal casesuch as the air flow in a room was an example of the occurrence of this flow. The method used was numerical simulations using OpenFOAM software to determine the value of the observation of the pressure distribution on the outer and inner wall (2D).
Variations of Reynolds numbers used were 40, 100 and 1000. For the kinds of case’s lid-driven cavity was used to provideinformation about the flow phenomena. Further analysis and comparison of the results of the data obtainedin order to obtainlid-driven cavity flow phenomena with the potential of increasing the engine work well. From the simulation data obtained that inthe case of lid-driven cavity for Reynolds numbers 40 obtained a value of 1.4079 Pa pressure distribution, which causes theformation of eddy (vortex). At Reynold’s number of 100 obtained values of 0.738674 Pa pressure distribution which causes theformation of such eddy Reynold’s number 40. While at Reynolds numbers 1000 led to declining value of the pressure distributionis equal to 0.226075 Pa. There was an interesting phenomenon, with the increasing of Re the vortex which formed higher and more to the center. Vortexb area also greater.
Keywords :
Lid Driven Cavity, Reynolds Number, OpenFOAM, Vortex

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