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Code-Switching on “Suroboyo Nyambut Gawe” Shows Local Language of Surabaya


This study is concerned with the language that people used in local marker in Surabaya based on Surabaya TV. Many people use more than one language when they have speech. Because usually, in their place has more than one language. Although it is only little bit they switch their language. It means the people use more than one language in a sentence. Switch language is code switching. Code switching means is the term used to identify alternations of linguistic varieties within the same conversation. Code-switching here is the use of one more language in a sentence, dialect, or style. Fischer (2009) said that there are three factors that influence people language, (1)the relationship amongst speakers, (2)the setting where the talk takes place and (3)the topic being discussed by the speaker. Like in Surabaya, many people in Surabaya use more than one language, Suroboyoan and Indonesian. So, many people use two languages although they are not Surabayanese. We can see the reality from local TV in Surabaya, like Surabaya TV. Many ethics and people from other places used Suroboyoan language.

Key Words: code-switching, Suroboyoan, Bahasa Indonesia, TV Program

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